Ardell Natural Scanties



Ardell Invisiband Scanties

Ardell Invisiband Scanties look so real, everyone will think you were born with luscious lashes!

Taking comfort to a new level, Ardell Invisiband Scanties is for those who have small, large and almond-shaped eyes. Perfect for a subtle, natural enhancement, Invisiband Scanties have an invisible lightweight band to blend seamlessly with your own lashes. Made from 100% premium human hair, knotted and feathered by hand, draw attention to your eyes with understated length. These lashes are ideal for everyday wear and are reusable.

Key features

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Easy to apply
  • Super comfortable
  • Adds natural length, volume, and definition
  • The invisible lightweight lash band
  • Black

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